Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Glory

Well I thought of two more breakfasts I had not put on my list. One is Fruit Pizza, kind of like what is pictured above, and cinnamon rolls. I know they are probably not the healthiest but they are good. Last week I ask Jouette want she wanted to make for FHE treat since it was her turn to choose. She told me she wanted fruit. So I asked what kind, watermelon, cherries, and blueberries where her reply. Well since it is march I didn't know what all I would be able to find but I said I would do my best. Carrefour had watermelon but let's just say they we less than ideal. But no blueberries or cherries. So I bought some strawberries since I know Jouette really likes strawberries. Later when I went to the Colruyt they did have some blueberries so I bought them but not much else that I thought would go with Jouette's wishes.
So I came home and over the weekend Jouette and I searched for the perfect recipe for her strawberries and blueberries. When Jouette saw this flag pizza she was in love. That was the perfect FHE treat. So yesterday I made the cookie part and the frosting then when Jouette got home she put the strawberries on while I did the blueberries. She was very happy with the results and not only did she get to eat it last night but it was breakfast today too! Okay so maybe I am a bad Mom for letting them eat it for breakfast but oh well, you only live once!


I'm so Lucky