Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and Christmas countdown calendar

Here is the turkey we made for our Thanksgiving feast. We mailed out the tail feathers to family and asked them to write what they are thankful for on them and then mail them back to us. I was nervous because the day before Thanksgiving we only had about 9 feathers but that evening while we were making pies a neighbor brought us over a package from my Mom with all the rest of them in it!!
Here is my family Christmas countdown calendar. My card class will be making one here in a few weeks but theirs will only be a 12 day count down. Will post pictures when we are done.

Nugget Boxes

I saw a set of these Hershey nugget boxes on Splitcoaststampers a long time ago but didn't ever get around to making them until now. I wanted something to give to the sisters I visit teach that was cute but wouldn't need to be kept forever. So as I was browsing through my pages of saved projects I want to try out I decided it was time for these ones.

At first I knew there were three people I wanted to give them to, so I bought three bags of Hershey nuggets and found I had enough chocolates to make four 24 day count down calendars. But when I first went to my instructions they had made theirs with only 3 nuggets in a box. But then they listed a pattern for several other sizes. Of coarse I couldn't find a pattern for the 24 box but I did see one for 12. So I decided that if I made the 12 piece boxes then I could give them to double the people.

There were some extra chocolate in the packages so I let my kids eat a few of them, only to later find out that I had miss counted and was now three chocolates shy. So I went back and bought one more package of chocolates.

I was so excited with how they were turning out I decided that I wanted to make some in different sizes since now I had more chocolate. It was then that I found the pattern for the 24 piece nugget box. Oh well I am so much happier that I have made all these different sizes. In the end I made eight 12 piece boxes, three 6 piece boxes (in two different shapes), and four 4 piece boxes (in two different sizes.)

If the chocolate wasn't $5.50 a bag I think I would go out and buy some more and keep going. I am just soooooo in love with them. If you want the pattern to go the link below. The first box took me quite a long time since the instructions seemed backwards to me but maybe you will have an easier time. But after the first one I was able to put almost all the rest together in about 2 hours. If you do make them take pictures and post them somewhere for me to see!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent cards

I wanted some simple and easy to put together and these are what I came up with.

I bought this big circle punch and wanted to give it a try. This Upsy Daisy stamp set is one of my favorites!

This card below was the one that I made for Zekaia's teacher at school. I really love the dalia fold flowers they are a bit of work but they are so worth it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

RS Christmas cards

It has been a long time since I made Christmas cards since a few years back I got tired of always making Christmas and so I have been working my way around the year with different holiday cards. I had forgotten how much fun Christmas cards could be.
I was asked to have a card class for our next RS activity and there three cards are what I can up with. They are 4x4" cards that are made with the Stamp'in up paper called Christmas Cocoa. I just love the 4x4 size of cards!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jouette's class buckets!

A few days before Halloween I went to Jouette's 2nd grade class and we decorated these buckets. Since my kids attend and international school in China they do not celebrate any holidays except the Chinese holidays. So instead of calling them Halloween buckets we just made buckets and the kids were offered a variety of paper to choose from instead of just Halloween paper. I was very impressed by how well the kids did. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and the buckets turned out pretty darn cute!

I'm so Lucky