Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raspberry Tart Birthday

It has been so long since I have posted something that I have been working on in the scrap room. Mostly that is because I have been working on the end of year gift for Jouette's teachers, since I am the homeroom Mom. I am putting together a 8x8 album of the kids for the teacher and the aide. But since it has pictures of the kids and their names on it I don't feel like I should post it so sorry you will be unable to see it, too bad since it is really so cute.
But on to today's card. I have not made a card in really at least a month and yesterday it was rainy and cold and all I wanted to do was shut the door and get lost in my paper. So after a bit of time yesterday and today I made this card. I am starting to do some sample cards in preparation for making Jouette's birthday party invitations. This is card idea #1. If I go with this layout it will be different stamps but the layout stays the same. I was pretty happy with it.


I'm so Lucky