Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

It has been a long time since I last made a food post and tonight I am going to put up 2 recipes. I was feeling a sweet tooth coming on this evening and I thought no you don't need it, then I remembered that tomorrow is my first aerobics class so I decided, maybe I could indulge after all. So I made these yummy cookies! I had never made them before, I actually don't know if I have ever made any type of Oatmeal cookies, beside no bakes, before. I did use the peanuts and I enjoyed them that way but I think next time I will leave them out since the others in my family were picking them out.
The second recipe I made for dinner tonight and I forgot to take a picture but I still thought I would include it since I could have eaten the whole pan before James even came home. I have been spending over on my grocery budget in the last few months so I decided it was time to start making some more budget friendly meals. Tonight's was a pasta bake and my big complaint about baked pasta is that sometime it can be very dry. But even though James ate it almost 1-1/2 hours after the kids and I had kept it in the warm over he said it was not dry at all. I used the Ragu Marinara sauce but just use the spaghetti sauce your family likes. Hope you get a chance to give it a try!!


Nells-Bells said...

i always love your cards and am loving these recipes!! i will definitely have to try them out.
p.s. how was your trip to the states? was it hard to return to china?

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