Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You cards

Look familiar? Well I decided as much as I loved the 6x6 card envelopes are hard to come by so I made the same card in a 4-1/4x5-1/2 version. I am also quite happy with how it turned out.

I have a heart punch and it seemed like Jouette was the only one making any use of it so I decided to give it a try. The card is easy to make and I was happy with how it turned out.

This card I made as a practice for a friend who moved away but ended up making a 6x6 one since we had a fair amount of people who needed to sign it. This one is the one that started it all for this series of cards. I just love the grey ribbon and have been wanted to use it.

I was looking for simple this time around since my last card class was a bit more difficult than I thought it should be.

Last but not least. This card I made at a card class in the states. I have loved the impression pad and wanted to use it. Thanks Janell for the idea!


I'm so Lucky