Monday, November 29, 2010

Nugget Boxes

I saw a set of these Hershey nugget boxes on Splitcoaststampers a long time ago but didn't ever get around to making them until now. I wanted something to give to the sisters I visit teach that was cute but wouldn't need to be kept forever. So as I was browsing through my pages of saved projects I want to try out I decided it was time for these ones.

At first I knew there were three people I wanted to give them to, so I bought three bags of Hershey nuggets and found I had enough chocolates to make four 24 day count down calendars. But when I first went to my instructions they had made theirs with only 3 nuggets in a box. But then they listed a pattern for several other sizes. Of coarse I couldn't find a pattern for the 24 box but I did see one for 12. So I decided that if I made the 12 piece boxes then I could give them to double the people.

There were some extra chocolate in the packages so I let my kids eat a few of them, only to later find out that I had miss counted and was now three chocolates shy. So I went back and bought one more package of chocolates.

I was so excited with how they were turning out I decided that I wanted to make some in different sizes since now I had more chocolate. It was then that I found the pattern for the 24 piece nugget box. Oh well I am so much happier that I have made all these different sizes. In the end I made eight 12 piece boxes, three 6 piece boxes (in two different shapes), and four 4 piece boxes (in two different sizes.)

If the chocolate wasn't $5.50 a bag I think I would go out and buy some more and keep going. I am just soooooo in love with them. If you want the pattern to go the link below. The first box took me quite a long time since the instructions seemed backwards to me but maybe you will have an easier time. But after the first one I was able to put almost all the rest together in about 2 hours. If you do make them take pictures and post them somewhere for me to see!!


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