Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kids Easter Baskets + Exciting news!

Well I finally got around to getting the kids Easter baskets made this year. I made a sample one a few weeks ago for my card class and now here are the ones I made for my kids. This one above is for Jou if you couldn't already guess. She also wanted the one I made for the card class I told her she would have to buy it if she really wanted it. I thought for sure this would drop the subject and she would just choose the one she liked best but she really wanted them both cuz she got out her money and paid me the 35rmb for the second one. Don't ask me what she is going to do with two since I told her the Easter bunny only leaves one basket of treats per person. This one is Kaia's This one is Xman's
And last but not least Bhavi's basket.
Oh and now for the exciting news. Starting sometime next week if you live in Beijing you will be able to purchase my paper products at the Tai Tai store!!!

Thanks for looking!


Cristy said...

Congrats on having your products sold in a store! That is really exciting!

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