Sunday, December 27, 2009

Second Annual Tea Party

So Jouette has been begging to have another tea party and it just happens that she received a tea set for Christmas. So I told her I thought we could do that over the vacation. I also promised Zekaia a pirate party since we were unable to have one for his birthday so you will see more about that to come. So today we talked about who she wanted to invite and then I set to work to make the invitations. This is what I came up with!

I am really happy with them and I think the girls will like them as well. If all the guest accept we will have 9 little girls. This year since I will be doing a pirate party next week I decided would only be girls. I will have the Ayi take my boys to play and then to McDonald's for lunch so that we will be uninterrupted, well the baby will still be here but I plan to also have a few of the Mom's attend as well. I will post some more pictures of the food once the day gets here.



I'm so Lucky