Friday, October 29, 2010

3x3 note cards and box

These cute little owl boxes will be what my card class will be making next. They will make a box and ten of the 3x3" cards.
I just fell in love with this little owl punch, he is a bit of work putting them together but so worth it.

A friend had a baby last Friday and I wanted to take her something simple when I took dinner over. I had just finished the owl cards and so I thought this would be perfect! I was so excited with how they turned out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You cards

Look familiar? Well I decided as much as I loved the 6x6 card envelopes are hard to come by so I made the same card in a 4-1/4x5-1/2 version. I am also quite happy with how it turned out.

I have a heart punch and it seemed like Jouette was the only one making any use of it so I decided to give it a try. The card is easy to make and I was happy with how it turned out.

This card I made as a practice for a friend who moved away but ended up making a 6x6 one since we had a fair amount of people who needed to sign it. This one is the one that started it all for this series of cards. I just love the grey ribbon and have been wanted to use it.

I was looking for simple this time around since my last card class was a bit more difficult than I thought it should be.

Last but not least. This card I made at a card class in the states. I have loved the impression pad and wanted to use it. Thanks Janell for the idea!

Friday, October 8, 2010

TA Birthday Card

Next Friday is the birthday of the teachers aide in Zekaia's class. I volunteered to make the card for the kids to sign in. I went with a 6'x6' card since there need to be a lot of kindergarten signatures in it. You can't tell from this picture but I also sprayed the card with some simmer smooch in a gold color. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Accordian Box

After seeing Jouette's box here is the one I made that she used as her example. I got my idea from the new Stampin' up catalog. I made some of my pages as close to the same as I could and then I made a few pages myself.

This one is a slight copy. On their box they used brads but just couldn't use 20 brads on one page. I am just too stingy so I punched out some hearts instead.

This one was a very close copy.

This flower is what started the box for me. When I saw their flower I was in love. But they used a big shot die cut that I didn't own. So I used a oval punch and punched each petal out and connected them the best I could. Their way was easier but I am just as happy with how mine turned out. I used a bigger oval punch than Jouette did, since her box was a bit smaller I couldn't use the big oval punch.

This page is a copy but I am not really pleased with how my lines turned out. Their was much nicer. I like what Jouette chose to do better by for going the lines.

This page is also a slight copy. If you are interested in seeing where I took my idea look in the 2010-2011 Stampin' Up Catalog on page 163.

Jouette's Accordian Box

Jouette's Box

A few weeks ago before my parents came to visit us I made an according box, that I will post pictures of in the next post, and Jouette was so in love with it that she wanted to make one of her own. I told her once Grandma and Grandpa came she would have to share a room with the boys so that they could sleep in her room. Jouette is allowed to stay up 45 mins. longer than her brothers so I told her she could spend that 45 mins. doing fun things with the adults.
So Jouette has spent the last 3 weeks working on her box most evenings with me. She has stamped, used the punches, and glued almost everything herself. I did help put the flower together but she punched all the petals out herself. A few times I also had to remind her that we wanted to use the papers that matched and not some random red or yellow piece of paper.

This page Jouette did the stamping, placing of the double sided sticker and pour the glitter on. I think she even punched the hole for the fancy brad she choose.

This paged Jouette chose the paper, and turned the handle on the big shot to make the butterfly's, painted the paper with a shiny paint and glued everything down.

This page Jouette made up on her own. She saw the flowers and wanted to use them. Then she sorted though the stamp sets to choose the one she wanted. I did ink the stamp for her but she pressed it down and put the flowers on the page. She even colored the stamp in a bit by herself.

This page Jouette chose the impressions pad and then cranked the big shot. Then I inked the brayer but she rolled the brayer on the paper to make the snowflakes fall out.

Jouette stamped, punched and glued this page.

This page I did punch the scallop bottom but Jouette punched the hearts, chose which ones to use and glued it all down herself. I did tie the bow on the clip and attach the clip to the paper.

This pager Jouette punched the circles and flower and arranged the page herself. She glued it all down and then I trimmed the edges for her. You can tell in the picture but she also painted the button with the shimmery paint from the butterfly pocket page.

This one Jouette ran the white paper thought the big shot (in the photo you can't see the raised embossed paper), and punched out the petals. I did arrange the petals into the correct order and put the flower together. But she placed it on the paper.

Here is another page Jouette created herself. She chose the paper, and the chipboard and I cut out the J. Then she wrote her name on it.

This last page I did have to encourage the paper choice but she punched the heart, did the writing and placed everything. I tied the bow for her but she glued it all down.
Last night I made the box for it and glued all the pages together for her. But as you can see this is Jouette's box and I am very proud of her dedication to finishing it. Every night it was all she wanted to do with me! I am grateful to be able to share a passion with her since I know not all Mom's have that!

I'm so Lucky