Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I love about being a Mom

Around Mothers Day a friend who's blog I follow wrote down all the things she loves about being a Mom. I thought this was a really great idea since I think all too often of all the little things I don't like about being a Mom. Some times to the point that I am very down a depressed. I love my kids and want them to be happy but sometimes it can be a very demanding, unappreciated job. So I spent the last few weeks really trying to think about what things I do love about being a Mom. Here is what I have come up with. I know there is more and I plan to continue to write down and remember all the great things about being a Mom.
Things I love about being a Mom
I love the silence of the afternoon when everyone is napping or at school.
I love snuggling in bed in the morning holding my babies
I love kissing Bhavik's smooth soft skin
I love seeing their faces light up when they see me
I love it when they give me something when no one prompted them they did it purely out of a desire to make me feel good
I love my good morning hugs and kisses
I love it when Bhavik crawls into my arms so I can hold him for just a few minutes before he falls asleep
I love it when Zekaia strokes my face and runs his finger through my hair while I am sing him a song good night
I love singing my kids bed time songs
I love hearing them say this was the best day ever or Jouette say this was the best dessert of my whole life
When Zekaia and Bhavik say MMMMMMM as they are eating something I made to eat
When Bhavik brings me a book and backs up into my lap
When I hear Jouette reading all by herself
I love kissing X-mans chunky legs and thighs or kissing under his chubby chin and hearing him giggle
Watch X look at things with such new eyes
I love Bhavik sitting in my lap singing or playing when we are at playgroup or music class
I love watching Jouette when she is performing
I love how happy Zekaia is when I go to school to see him
How he loves me to read to him and he is special since he gets to sit in my lap
Watching Jouette do all her paper crafts and then gives them so generously to others
I love when Zekaia does something by himself the runs to tell me Surprise since he knows I love surprises.
When I hear the words ,"Mommy I love you"
When some one runs to me with tears on their cheeks & knowing they really believe that my kiss will make it all better.
When I hear the words, Mommy guess what?
When I pick up my baby in the middle of the night and he pulls his whole body in a stretch to one side.
I love hearing my kids sing Primary songs
I love watching Jouette be a kind caring big sister
I love it when Bhavik gently kisses Xijvien
When Bhavik kiss me again and again and again
But most of all my heart melts when they say, "Mommy, I love you!"
Audrey I hope that all my complaining about the no fun parts of being a Mom can be over looked when you read this. Because you can't have just the good. I would never appreciate any of these things if there wasn't the crying, the sickness, or the fighting too.


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