Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cards for the Teachers

Here are the cards I made for Zekaia's teachers. Except for the last one with the cupcake on it. That one was Jouette's birthday invite. But since I made all these other that matched it I thought I would throw it in there. I was really stressing over having no envelopes to put it in since the cards a 5"x5" but I used up the last of my card stock vellum to make these great envelopes!

The one above is my favorite!

So which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment and tell me which one and why?


5boystokiss said...

I love the embossed rose- so simple and lovely!
you have such a talent for card making

Megan Raines said...

It's hatd to choose! They are all beautiful. I loved the birthday invitations, as did Olivia...and by the way..I have been wearing those earrings that she made me at the party everyday! Thank you!

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