Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homemade Chocolates

Making my own chocolates has been one of my favorite things of the Christmas time. I first tried making my own chocolates I think my second Christmas after James and I got married. I still have a long ways to go before my chocolate will look perfect the way I want them but I am getting better each year. This year I decided I wanted to try and put a letter on each chocolate so that we would know what flavor they are. Knowing which is what flavor is always a trick but I wanted it to be different this year. So here I have included a picture of my letter "C" on my chocolates that stands for coconut. I also made Peppermint, Lemon, Raspberry, and Cherry chocolates this year as well. I also plan to make some Bonbons but they don't last as long so I like to make them a bit closer to Christmas. As I was making my chocolates this year I was thinking back to when I was younger and all the flavors of chocolates my Grandma Washburn use to make. As a child I remember that they always seemed so uniform in shape and we always beautiful to look at, and of coarse all the different flavors. It made me a little bit sad since about 8 years ago my Grandmother divorced my Grandfather and then separated herself from my family. I was a teenager and the time and I have felt a great sadness in my life since I love to cook and Grandma is an amazing cook. There had been so many occasions where I wish I could cook along side her and learn. I use her roll recipe and everyone says they are delicious when I make them but they just aren't as good as grandma's and I really wish I could just go to her and have her watch me make them to see what I do that is different. Yes my rolls may be good but I want them to be perfect like hers. Well enough of my rambling. Chocolates, a symbol of the holidays for me!


Deven and Keri said...

Those look way yummy!
Good luck going to China, that is quite the move, but so was going to Belgium.

Melissa said...

I am impressed. Those look delicious!

I'm so Lucky