Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scrap night!

Well tonight I worked on some cards for and exchange. The cards had to have something embossed on them. It is not much but I embossed the white flowers along the bottom of the card. The white helps the flowers stand out a bit more. I started to make the first card to see if I was going to like how it turned out only to almost finish the card and realize I hadn't embossed anything. Oh well, but I did remember to emboss them when I made the ones for the exchange. I received this stamp set this summer as a free gift to hosting a party that had some amount of sales, how much I can't remember. But it is not a set I would have chosen on my own. But now I have made several cards with it and do quite like it. It is funny how sometime I see a stamp set and I love it but then once I get it I never like how this turn out when I use it. Then other times I get sets free that I would not have bought only to find that I use it often and love the results. I guess you never know.


I'm so Lucky