Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pina Colada

Okay so here is option #1 for my card class this next May. Now I know what you are all thinking, May?? Why have you started to soon? Well the answer is simple. When I get new toys I can't help but play with them. So Audrey and Oliver, my brother and sister, just came on Friday to visit and they brought with them all my new stampin' up stuff. So knowing that I wouldn't be able to get anything again until my parents come in April and I need them to bring the stuff for the actual class I need what I might want to do brought now so that I could try it out. Well I have had a few moments here and there since Friday and I made these up.

Okay so every year I have been in Belgium I have done a card class for the sisters in my Branch. The first year I made 15 cards for 15 euros and each card was very different and I used all sorts of different techniques. Well lets just say for lots of beginners it was not only a lot of work for me but it was very time consuming as well. So I learned from my lesson and last year I did what is called the one sheet wonder. Where we stamped one 12x12 and the used that to make 10 cards and a cute gift bag. Which was quite a bit better but we still had most sister unable to finish them all in the 2 or 3 hours we had to make the cards. So this year I decided to try stickers! I have always enjoyed the simply scrapin' packs and found that when divided equally that they can work for 2 people. So this year I bought two different packs and will let the sisters choose between the two. I add one white sheet of 12x12 paper and then made 20 cards 6"x3". I made all of these quite quickly and I hope that the same with happen with the sisters. I will admit some cards I like better than others but I did use almost all of the stickers and only a small part of the patterned paper. Not because I didn't like the paper but since I am using all the card stock as the card bases I didn't have any to accent with. But I guess you can't have everything and keep it in a good budget. So this year I think it will be the same 15 euros I have charged previous years but this year I am afraid if they want the envelops I will have to buy them separately since I have not been able to find a cheaper version of the size I need any where but through Stamp'in up. Hopefully people don't mind too much. I suppose they can always make their own.


Nells-Bells said...

love these cards. i want to be at one of your card making sessions. that would be awesome. how was your christmas? hope things are going well.
oh. btw - i changed my blog address:
i decided having my name in the blog title and web address is not a good idea.

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