Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Apple Pie Pastries

I made these yummy individual apple pies last night for Family Home Evening treat. They were pretty easy and they just fall apart in your mouth. The crust is more of a puff pastry than a pie crust. It calls for about double the butter that pie crust calls for but that is what makes them flaky and buttery like a crescent roll. I have included the link to the recipe. There picture is prettier than mine. I made mine like pockets so the could be picked up and eaten. Also I just used some apple pie filling I had frozen and didn't do the nice rings like the recipe called for. The pastry would also be yummy with whatever your families favorite pie filling is.



Amelia Harris said...

Those look so good!! I love reading your blog and reading all your recipes and seeing what wonderful projects you make! Thanks for sharing! By the way congragulations on the move to China! I don't know if you meant to but know if you meant to but I got a copy of your houses you are looking at and think they all look beautiful!!! :) Good luck on your new adventure!

Nells-Bells said...

so i'm supposed to be dieting but i think these would fit under the low carbs/fruits category. ;)

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