Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tea Time Find!

Okay so you saw the tea party invitations a few entry's back now here are the tea sets. I have invited 9 children and three women, the mothers of the children, to our little tea party on the 28th of this month. I had no tea sets so I decided to make a trip to the Kring Winkle not too far from my home to see if I could find one there.

Now since I have 14 guest and that is quite a lot and this the kring winkle, DI type store for you Americans, I knew I would have to mix and match.

This morning Jouette knew I would be going to look for the tea sets today and her ONLY request was that it was a tea set with pink roses on it, not asking too much. So I did my best to tell her that I would get the best I could find. Since the likelihood of finding her request I knew was slim to none.

Well to my great surprise and blessings from the Lord, He does want my little girl to be happy, I found this rose printed tea set with tea pot and milk pitcher for 4,95 euros! A thirteen piece set! I was also able to get a 9 piece set with some roses on it as well for 2, 95 euros and last but not least a 11 piece set in flowers for 1,95 euros. Making it a total of 8,75 euros. So I was very happy with the screaming deal I found.

I just hope Jouette is just as excited and I think she will be when she gets home from school today and see it. I figure for 8,75 even if a few get broken at the party it was well worth it.


Cristy said...

Wow, that is great that you got exactly what you were looking for and for such a great price! I hope that Jouette was thrilled and that your party is really fun!

P.S. Your new blog background is really pretty!

Melissa said...

That is awesome that you found what you wanted. I hope that her party was a hit! What a great idea!

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